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When we Watch All Freeview Channels moved over from the analogue signal to the digital one we had to change the way that we watched TV. No longer could you tune in to the five channels we always had just with your aerial and TV. Now the very least that was needed to watch digital TV was a Freeview box. However there are different options for watching TV and three popular choices are Freeview, YouView and Freesat. But which of these is the most suitable for you?

The most suitable is going to depend on what you want out of TV watching and all choices come with good and bad points to consider. So let's check them out.

Good and Bad Sides To Freeview

You might have purchased a Freeview set top box or you Watch Freeview Online could have it built into your new TV. This could be a basic Freeview box without any frills though and you may consider moving up to Freeview+. With Freeview+ you get everything that you would with the normal Freeview set top box, such as all the channels and features, plus you get the option to rewind and pause TV along with watching catch up TV.

The good points to Freeview+ are that you are able to access around 50 channels along with 24 radio stations. Another point in its favour is that once you have the equipment and had it installed there is nothing to pay out each month to continue watching TV. If you go for the Freeview+ you will never miss a program again as you can set it to record, rewind it or pause while you make a cup of tea, take a phone call or answer the door.

The downside to Freeview is that you are limited with the channel selections as Freeview offers the smallest choice out of all the range of digital TV services. Another downside is the fact that there are numerous choices of set top boxes available from different companies so choosing one can be confusing. Not all offers the same features and the prices of the boxes differ.

Good and Bad Sides To Freesat+ Along With Freetime

Freesat is along with same lines as UK Freeview ( in that when you have paid for the equipment there is no monthly subscription. However it differs in that along with the set top box you also need a satellite dish. With Freesat+ you can pause, record and rewind live TV and also get access to many services, such as Catch Up TV.

The good points to having Freesat+ is that you can get access to over 150 TV and radio channels, which is far more than what you would get if you have Freeview. With Freesat being a satellite service it means that the signal is generally more consistent so the picture quality is better and you get a stronger signal. If you are having issues with the picture quality with Freeview you may be able to benefit from Freesat. Freesat offers a good electronic programme guide by the name of Freetime. This means you can go back in time on the guide and check out programs that you have missed and choose to watch them on demand. There is also a Showcase to show to you some of the best content.

The downside to Freesat+ is that you do need a satellite dish installed on your home. Freesat+ outlay is generally more expensive than with Freeview. Not all channels that you would get with Freeview are available through Freesat.

Good and Bad Sides to YouView

YouView is the relatively new kid on the block when it comes to how we watch TV and a variety of companies are behind it, including BT and TalkTalk. YouView gives you Freeview TV along with options such as pausing, rewinding and recording TV. You can purchase a standalone YouView se top box from major retailers or you can opt to go for the BT or TalkTalk version.

The good points to YouView are that you will get around 50 TV channels and this includes all the channels that you get with Freeview. Once you have paid out for the standalone set top box there is nothing to pay out each month. There are extensive options when it comes to Catch Up TV as you can get access to iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Demand 5 and Watch Freeview Catch Up TV straight from the EPG. You can also pause and rewind live TV.

The downside to YouView is that is relatively expensive when compared to the other options. If you choose to have it through TalkTalk or BT you pay a subscription cost each month. Another downside is that when compared to the other options YouView can be slow as the apps take some time to load. BT and TalkTalk YouView come with on-demand films and some extras but don't get these with the standalone set-box from retailers.

So have you decided which option is best for you? If you want more information and advice on these systems you can get it from your local TV aerial installation company.
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